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While the business name traces back to the 19th century, Holden started building cars in its own name in 1948 with the launch of the now legendary 48-215. Read More

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Holden Captiva Car Buying Guide

The Captiva was not that special when it launched in 2006 and it was made to look more and more off the pace as high-quality new models like the Toyota Kluger and Mazda CX-9 went on-sale in Australia.

The drive experience was rough and ready, space utilisation was not as efficient as rivals and there were safety equipment shortfalls like curtain airbags that didn"t stretch to row three.

The great Captiva lure was pricing. As a new car it was cheaper than its key rivals, something that continues to be reflected in used car values as well.

Later versions improved in many ways and addressed some of the early issues, making them a better buy.

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