Best Mileage Cars Under 20 lakh in India in 2024

Rahul Jha
Rahul Jha

Updated on: 6th January, 2024 IST

Best Mileage Cars Below 20 Lakhs in India – Price, Mileage, Specifications

As fuel prices continue to rise, fuel efficiency has become a top priority for car buyers in India. For those on a budget of ₹20 lakh, there are numerous options available in the market. The competition between car manufacturers to produce the best mileage cars under ₹20 lakh has resulted in a wide range of vehicles with innovative technology that not only deliver high fuel economy but also meet the needs of modern consumers.

When it comes to the best mileage cars in India, car enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. From compact hatchbacks to spacious sedans, the market is filled with options that offer outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising on performance, safety, or comfort. The best mileage cars under ₹20 lakh in India are equipped with state-of-the-art features that make them a pleasure to drive and own.

If you're looking for the best cars under ₹20 lakh in India, you'll find that most of them are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Car manufacturers have realised that to succeed in the Indian market, they need to produce cars that are not only affordable but also economical to run. As a result, they are continuously innovating and developing new technology that improves fuel efficiency while also enhancing the driving experience. In this blog, we will explore the best mileage cars under ₹20 lakh in India in 2024 and highlight the unique features that make each of them stand out.

ModelBody TypeFuel TypeMileageEx-showroom PriceUsed Car Price
Skoda KushaqSUVPetrol17.7 km/l (Petrol)₹11.59 lakh-₹19.69 lakh₹12.09 lakh onwards
Maruti BrezzaSUVPetrol, CNG19.8 km/l (Petrol), 25.51 km/kg (CNG)₹14.14 lakh₹6.25 lakh onwards
Citroen eC3HatchbackElectric250-300 km/charge₹13 lakh₹6.95 lakh
Mahindra TharSUVPetrol, Diesel8 km/l (Petrol), 10 km/l (Diesel)₹16.49 lakh₹14.09 lakh
Mahindra XUV300SUVPetrol, Diesel17 km/l (Petrol), 20 km/l (Diesel)₹14.07 lakh₹8.82 lakh
Kia SeltosSUVPetrol18 km/l₹19.65 lakh₹11.89 lakh
Mahindra Scorpio-NSUVPetrol, Diesel14 km/l (Petrol)/18 km/l (Diesel)₹11.99 lakh-₹23.90 lakh₹16.45 lakh
Tata Nexon EV PrimeSUVElectric312 km/charge₹14.99 lakh-₹17.50 lakh₹13.50 lakh
Maruti Suzuki S-CrossSUVPetrol, Diesel18 km/l (Petrol), 23 km/l (Diesel)₹12.07 lakh ₹3.75 lakh
Toyota Urban Cruiser HyryderSUVCNG, Petrol26.6 km/kg (CNG), 28 km/l (Petrol)₹10.5 lakh-₹19.7 lakh₹8 lakh onwards

1. Skoda Kushaq

Skoda Kushaq

The Skoda Kushaq is a sleek and stylish compact SUV that has carved a niche for itself in the Indian automotive market. It is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and power. The Kushaq comes in a wide range of colours, giving customers the freedom to choose the one that suits their style and personality.

Under the hood, the Kushaq is powered by a 1.5-litre TSI engine that produces a maximum power of 148 bhp at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 250 Nm at 3,550 rpm. This engine is mated to a manual transmission, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride.

The Kushaq also comes packed with an array of safety features, including 2 driver-side airbags, child seat anchor points, seat belt warnings, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), electronic stability program (ESP), and traction control system (TCS).

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹11.59 lakh-₹19.69 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹12.09 lakh

Key Specifications of Skoda Kushaq:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power147.51 bhp @ 5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque250 Nm @ 1,600 - 3500 rpm
Engine1.5L TSI Engine
Transmission7-speed Manual
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol 
Mileage17.7 km/l (Petrol)

Key Features of Skoda Kushaq:

Key Features
Seat Belt Warnings
Child Seat Anchor Points
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Traction Control System (TC/TCS)
ABS, EBD, Electronic Stability Program (ESP

What's Good:

  • Well-built and spacious cabin with high-quality materials and comfortable seats
  • Smooth and responsive turbocharged petrol engine with the option of a DSG automatic transmission

What's Not Good:

  • Limited rear-seat legroom compared to some competitors
  • Narrow boot space may be a concern for some buyers

Check out our collection of used Skoda Kushaq cars in India.

2. Maruti Brezza

Maruti Brezza

The Maruti Brezza, with its imposing presence on the road, is a stylish compact SUV that has made a significant impact on the Indian market. For the mileage conscious drivers, the Maruti Brezza is available in both petrol and CNG variants. Equipped with a 1462 cc engine, the Brezza delivers a maximum power of 101.65 bhp at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 136.8 Nm @ 4,400 rpm. 

It has a seating capacity of five and comes with a five-speed manual transmission. The Brezza also offers a competitive mileage of 19.8 km/l (Petrol), 25.51 km/kg (CNG), making it an economical option for daily use. Other notable features of the Brezza CNG include wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, ABS and EBD, AC with automatic climate control, and automatic headlamps.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹14.14

Used Car Price: ₹6.25 lakh onwards

Key Specifications of Maruti Brezza:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power101.65 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque136.8 Nm @ 4,400 rpm
EngineK15C Smart Hybrid
Transmission6-speed Automatic
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol, CNG 
Mileage19.8 km/l (Petrol), 25.51 km/kg (CNG)

Key Features of Maruti Brezza:

Key Features
ABS with EBD
Power windows front
Automatic headlamps
Automatic climate control
Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

What's Good:

  • Spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom for passengers
  • Smooth and efficient petrol engine with the option of an automatic transmission

What's Not Good:

  • Rear seat comfort could be better, especially on long drives
  • Interior fit and finish could be improved, with some hard plastic surfaces

Check out our collection of used Maruti Brezza cars in India.

3. Citroen eC3

Citroen eC3

French automotive giant Citroen is entering the Indian electric car market with its upcoming eC3, an all-electric version of the popular C3 hatchback. The eC3 is set to launch in the coming months and has already been teased on social media. It will compete with the Tata Tiago EV in India.

While the styling and features of the eC3 are similar to the Petrol-powered C3, a few subtle updates have been made to ensure that it stands out in the electric car market. With the eC3, Citroen is all set to provide a convenient and eco-friendly driving experience, with zero emissions and advanced features that are sure to appeal to Indian consumers.

The eC3 comes with a battery pack of 30-40 kWh, delivering a power output of 86 bhp and maximum torque of 143 Nm. The car is expected to have a range of 250 km-300 km, making it ideal for daily commutes in the city. With its French flair and style, combined with sustainability, the Citroen eC3 promises to be a welcome addition to the Indian electric car market.

Expected Price: ₹13 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹6.95 lakh

Key Specifications of Citroen eC3:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power86 bhp
Maximum Torque143 Nm
Engine/Battery Pack30-40 kWh
Fuel TypeElectric
Mileage/ Driving Range250-300 km/charge
Body TypeHatchback

Key Features of Citroen eC3:

Key Features
Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti-Lock Braking System
Driver and Passenger Airbag
Multi-function Steering Wheel

What's Good:

  • All-electric powertrain with a long driving range
  • Futuristic and modern design

What's Not Good:

  • Limited availability in some markets
  • Higher priced compared to some rivals

4. Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar

If you’re looking for a convertible that can handle any terrain, look no further than the Mahindra Thar. This legendary 4x4 SUV has a rich history of conquering the wild, and now you can enjoy the thrill of open-air driving with its drop-top option. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or tackling the trails, the Thar has you covered with its powerful petrol or diesel engines, both available with manual or automatic transmissions. 

The Thar also offers decent mileage, safety features, and seating for four. But what sets it apart from other convertibles is its impressive ground clearance of 226 mm, which lets you glide over rocks, bumps, and potholes with ease. The Mahindra Thar Convertible is the ultimate adventure machine for outdoor lovers. 

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹9.99 lakh-₹16.49 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹14.09 lakh

Key Specifications of Mahindra Thar:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power130 bhp @ 3,750 rpm
Maximum Torque300 Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
Engine2,184 cc mHawk 130 Engine
Transmission6-speed Automatic
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage9 km/l (Petrol), 10 km/l (Diesel)

Key Features of Mahindra Thar:

Key Features
Water-resistant cabin
Removable soft top and doors
Adjustable front seats with lumbar support
4WD with low-range gearbox and mechanical differential lock
Touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity

What's Good:

  • Excellent off-road capability and ruggedness
  • Affordable price compared to other off-road SUVs in the market

What's Not Good:

  • Noisy cabin and harsh ride quality
  • Limited safety features compared to other modern SUVs

Check out our collection of used Mahindra Thar cars in India.

5. Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra XUV300

When it comes to the best crossover SUVs in India, the Mahindra XUV300 is a standout performer. With its rugged looks and impressive performance, it offers a great combination of style and substance. The XUV300 comes loaded with features that are sure to impress any car enthusiast. Dual-zone automatic climate control, a sunroof, a touchscreen infotainment system, leatherette upholstery, a rearview camera, and front and rear parking sensors are just some of the features that come with this car. 

But what truly sets the XUV300 apart is its commitment to safety. The car has been awarded a 5-star safety rating by Global NCAP, making it the safest SUV in its segment. With features like 7 airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP, hill start assist, and disc brakes on all four wheels, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride in the XUV300.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹14.07 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹8.82 lakh

Key Specifications of Mahindra XUV300:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power110 bhp (Petrol)/117 bhp (Diesel)
Maximum Torque200 Nm (Petrol)/300 Nm (Diesel)
Engine1.2-litre Turbo (Petrol)/1.5-litre Turbo (Diesel)
Transmission6-speed Manual, 6-speed AMT
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage17 km/l (Petrol), 20 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity5

Key Features of Mahindra XUV300:

Key Features
Automatic climate control
Rain-sensing windshield wipers
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
7-inch touchscreen infotainment system

What's Good:

  • Spacious and well-built cabin with comfortable seats and good visibility
  • Efficient and powerful diesel engine with the option of an automatic transmission

What's Not Good:

  • Limited rear-seat legroom compared to some competitors
  • Some interior quality issues, particularly with hard plastic surfaces in the lower trims

Check out our collection of used Mahindra XUV300 cars in India.

6. Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is an exceptional crossover that comes equipped with a 1,493 cc Diesel or 1,497 cc Petrol engine, delivering a maximum power of 113 bhp and a torque of 250 Nm. It comes with a 5-speed manual and AMT transmission, making it ideal for both city and highway driving. The Seltos is one of the top contenders in the Indian crossover market with a respectable mileage of 16 km/l in petrol and 18 km/l in diesel.

The car's outstandingly modern design and well-equipped and spacious cabin make it an excellent choice for those seeking a spacious, powerful, and efficient car. With its powerful engine, advanced transmission system, and impressive fuel efficiency, the Seltos is a reliable and efficient car that delivers exceptional performance and comfort without compromising on the style and sophistication. 

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹10.89 lakh-₹19.65 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹11.89 lakh

Key Specifications of Kia Seltos: 

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power113 bhp
Maximum Torque144 Nm (Petrol), 250 Nm (Diesel)
Engine1,497 cc (Petrol), 1,493 cc (Diesel)
Transmission5-speed Manual and AMT
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage16 km/l (Petrol), 18 km/l (Diesel)

Key Features of Kia Seltos:

Key Features
Power steering
Power windows front
Anti-lock braking system
Driver and passenger side airbags
7-inch touchscreen infotainment system

What's Good:

  • Attractive and modern design
  • A well-equipped and spacious cabin

What's Not Good:

  • Expensive compared to some competitors
  • Limited rear visibility

Check out our collection of used Kia Seltos cars in India.

7. Mahindra Scorpio-N

Mahindra Scorpio-N

The Mahindra Scorpio-N is the latest generation of Mahindra's wildly popular SUV, and it's easy to see why. With petrol and diesel engine variants available, each with the option for an automatic transmission, this car is a true powerhouse on the road. For those who crave adventure, the diesel engine also offers an optional 4-Wheel Drive system on select variants, complete with terrain response modes and low ratio. 

The Scorpio-N is also packed with luxurious features, including an electric sunroof, dual-zone climate control, driver drowsiness alert, touchscreen infotainment, and a JBL audio system with a subwoofer. With so many impressive features and options, it's no surprise that the Mahindra Scorpio-N is among the top Mahindra cars in India.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹11.99 lakh-₹23.90 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹16.45 lakh

Key Specifications of Mahindra Scorpio-N:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power172.45 bhp @ 3,500 rpm
Maximum Torque400 Nm @ 1,750-2,750 rpm
Engine2.0-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged (Petrol), 2.2-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged (Diesel)
Transmission6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage14 km/l (Petrol)/18 km/l (Diesel)

Key Features of Mahindra Scorpio-N:

Key Features
Leather upholstery
Panoramic Sunroof
Electronic stability program
Latest 4 Wheel Drive System
Multi-function steering wheel

What's Good:

  • Robust and rugged exterior design with excellent ground clearance and off-road capabilities
  • Spacious and versatile cabin with flexible seating options and ample storage space

What's Not Good:

  • Ride quality can be bumpy and uncomfortable on rough roads
  • The diesel engine can be noisy under hard acceleration

Check out our collection of used Mahindra Scorpio cars in India.

8. Tata Nexon EV Prime

Tata Nexon EV Prime

The Nexon EV shares the same impressive build quality and long feature list as its petrol-powered sibling, which has earned it a coveted 5-star G-NCAP safety rating. The 5-seater electric SUV can comfortably seat five passengers and boasts a range of 312 km, making it ideal for daily commutes and weekend getaways.

If you're looking for the most value-for-money variant, the XZ Plus variant of the Tata Nexon EV is the one to go for. Priced at ₹16.30 lakh – ₹16.49 lakh, it is ₹1 lakh cheaper than the top variant. The Tata Nexon EV XZ Plus is loaded with features, including a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with an 8-speaker Harman sound system, a rear camera, and automatic climate control with rear AC vents.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹14.99 lakh-₹17.50 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹13.50 lakh

Key Specifications of Tata Nexon EV Prime:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power127 bhp
Maximum Torque245 Nm
Engine/Battery Pack30.2 kWh
Fuel TypeElectric
Mileage/ Driving Range312 km/charge
Body TypeSUV

Key Features of Tata Nexon EV Prime:

Key Features
An electric vehicle with a high driving range
Loaded with advanced safety features
Stylish and modern design
Well-equipped infotainment system
Regenerative braking system for better energy efficiency

What's Good:

  • Zero emissions and low running cost
  • Spacious and comfortable cabin

What's Not Good:

  • Limited charging infrastructure in India
  • Expensive compared to other cars in the segment

Check out our collection of used Tata Nexon cars in India.

9. Maruti S-Cross

Maruti S-Cross

The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable crossover car in India. As one of the most trusted and popular car manufacturers in India, Maruti Suzuki has always been at the forefront of designing exceptional cars that cater to the needs of the Indian market. The S-Cross is no exception.

Equipped with a 1.3-litre diesel engine, generating 89 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque, the S-Cross is a fuel-efficient car that delivers an impressive mileage of 23 km/litre. This makes it an ideal choice for long drives and daily commutes, especially for those seeking a high-mileage diesel car in India.

It also comes in a 1.5-litre petrol variant, churning out 103 bhp and 138 Nm. The S-Cross 1.6 diesel was the choice of enthusiasts, and continues to sell for a premium in the used car market. With 118 bhp and 320 Nm of torque, the Alpha 1.6 was a rocketship on four wheels, capable of planting a massive grin on your face each time you stepped on the accelerator.

The S-Cross also features a sleek and stylish design that is sure to turn heads. With features like projector headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and a bold front grille, this car exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹12.07 lakh 

Used Car Price: ₹3.75 lakh

Key Specifications of Maruti S-Cross:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power89 bhp (Diesel), 103 bhp, (Petrol), 118 bhp (1.6 Diesel)
Maximum Torque200 Nm (1.3 Diesel), 320 Nm (1.6 Diesel), 138 Nm (1.5 Petrol)
Engine1,248 cc -1598 cc
Transmission5-speed Manual and 5-speed AMT
Seating Capacity5
Body TypeSUV
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage18 km/l (Petrol) and 23 km/l (Diesel)

Key Features of Maruti S-Cross:

Key Features
Automatic cruise control
Automatic climate control
Smart Keyless Entry with Push-Button Start/Stop
LED Projector Headlamps with LED DRLs
Smartplay Infotainment System with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility

What's Good: 

  • Fuel-efficient diesel and petrol engine options with a proven track record of delivering high mileage
  • Smooth and refined driving experience with a comfortable suspension setup

What's Not Good:

  • Mediocre design compared to some of its more stylish competitors

Check out our collection of used Maruti S-Cross cars in India.

10. Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

Based on the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is a feature-packed SUV that offers impressive performance and fuel efficiency. It comes with a 1,462 cc CNG engine and a 1,490 cc petrol engine, both of which are paired with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. The SUV is capable of generating a maximum power of 104 bhp and a maximum torque of 138 Nm. 

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder boasts a mileage of 26.6 km/kg (CNG) and 28 km/l (Petrol), making it one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs in the market. It comes equipped with a host of features including airbags, panoramic sunroof, reclining rear seats, remote voice ignition, and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi):  ₹10.5 lakh-₹19.7 lakh

Used Car Price: ₹8.73 lakh

Key Specifications of Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder:

Key SpecificationsDetails
Maximum Power104 bhp
Maximum Torque138 Nm
Engine/Battery Pack1,462 cc (CNG), 1,490 cc (Petrol)
Fuel TypeCNG, Petrol
Transmission5-speed Manual, 4-speed Automatic
Mileage/ Driving Range26.6 km/kg (CNG), 28 km/l (Petrol)
Body TypeSUV

Key Features of Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder:

Key Features
Panoramic sunroof
Reclining rear seats
Remote voice ignition 
Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

What's Good:

  • Good value for money
  • A comfortable and spacious cabin

What's Not Good:

  • Average fuel efficiency

In conclusion, the Indian automobile market offers a range of fuel-efficient cars that cater to different budgets and preferences. From the Kia Seltos to the Tata Nexon EV Prime, each car has unique features and specifications that appeal to a specific set of buyers. 

The increasing popularity of CNG and electric cars highlights the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles in the country. While the Skoda Kushaq and Maruti Brezza are popular choices, the Toyota Urban Cruiser stands out as one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs that combine style and practicality. 

As the automobile industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovative and technologically advanced cars that offer better mileage and performance, making it easier for car buyers to make informed decisions.


Q. What are some of the top-performing cars in India, and what is their mileage range?

Some of the top-performing cars in India include Maruti Brezza, Mahindra Thar, and Kia Seltos. Their mileage ranges from 8 km/l to 25.51 km/l.

Q. Which is the most affordable SUV in terms of used car price among the SUVs mentioned in the list?

The most affordable SUV in terms of used car price among the SUVs mentioned in the post is Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, which is available for ₹3.75 lakh onwards.

Q. Which SUV offers the highest mileage among the petrol SUVs mentioned in the list?

The Maruti Brezza, an SUV with petrol and CNG options, offers the highest mileage among the petrol SUVs mentioned in the post, with a mileage range of 19.8 km/l (petrol) and 25.51 km/kg (CNG).

Q. What are the top-performing SUVs available in India, and what are their fuel type and mileage ranges?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is a popular SUV available in India that runs on CNG and petrol fuel types, with a mileage range of 26.6 km/kg (CNG) and 28 km/l (Petrol). The Tata Nexon EV Prime is an electric SUV with a driving range of 312 km/charge.

Q. Which are some of the most affordable cars under ₹20 lakh in India based on their used car prices?

The most affordable cars under ₹20 lakh in India based on their used car prices include Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, Toyota Urban Cruiser, Kia Seltos, Mahindra XUV300, and Skoda Kushaq.

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